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We now stock equipment and can service vehicles that use the new R-1234YF refrigerant. Beginning with the 2013 Cadillac XTS and moving on to many Chrysler, Dodge, Ram vehicle and many more have been added to the list including some European vehicles. At the moment there are many shops who cannot legally service these a/c systems because they don't have the equipment necessary to be compliant with EPA rules. At this moment many people feel they need to take their vehicles, that are now out of warranty, back to the dealership to have the system serviced but we are now the dealership alternative.

Some things you should know:

  • R-134a is the current refrigerant used in most vehicles from 1994 until now.
  • R-134a is estimated to be phased out of new cars sold in the year 2022
  • R-134a was the replacement when R-12 Freon was phased out in 1994 due to the effects of the atmosphere and o-zone
  • R-1234yf is supposedly now used due to the low GWP (Global Warming Potential)
  • R-1234yf is now treated like an emission device. You cannot legally use R-134 in these systems. Its almost like tampering with a catalytic converter and you can be fined big $$$!
  • Do not attempt to put sealer in your a/c system regardless of what type of refrigerant it uses. This can ruin systems and our expensive service equipment.

*** The new systems can be very expensive to service so don't try to do it yourself or allow an unqualified person to tamper or attempt to repair because this can cause more damage and possibly component failure. Call us today and tell us what kind of problems you are having with your air conditioning!



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